Mzesi Energy

Mzesi Energy operates from its office in Centurion, Gauteng Province of the Republic of South Africa.

Mzesi Energy is fully focused on addressing the energy needs of our country. In keeping up with the concept of innovation, Mzesi Energy identifies and partners with strategic local and international partners to strategically address the energy needs of South Africans. In so doing Mzesi Energy seeks to contribute positively to the economy of the country in making energy accessible to all.

The strategy for Mzesi Energy is to explore all forms of energy, from Nuclear, to Wind, Solar and Waste-to-Energy.  Since energy is a scarce commodity, it has become necessary to be innovative and seek ways of efficiently and effectively using or consuming energy. To this light, Mzesi Energy is also focusing on energy-use audits and energy management.


Vision Statement

To be a reliable supplier of choice for energy solutions.


Mission Statement

To provide low carbon energy  generation solutions, technical support on energy matters, and solutions for energy efficiency.


Value Statement

The values of the organisation are encapsulated in the following statements:

  • Safety and quality without compromising on standards
  • Customer-and-stakeholder - centric services
  • Respect for our people
  • Relentless pursuit of Excellence; and
  • Partnering to create sustainable success.

Strategic Intent

Mzesi Energy believes that energy is a strategic tool for competitiveness of a nation so that those who have it in abundance possess a strategic advantage. Mzesi Energy seek to provide its services to enable the security of energy supply for South Africa, Africa and any other place where its services will be welcome.