Mzesi Energy believes in partnering with the entities, from Government to private sector in providing sustainable energy solutions to business entities and communities.

To this end, Mzesi Energy has the right vehicles and partners to provide the required solutions, from designing energy generation systems, substations, to reinforcing the existing infrastructure tocope with increasing demand, and all the way to the electrification of communities, business centers and homes.

Our experience base enables us to manage energy-related projects and deliver turnkey solutions.

The strategy for Mzesi Energy is to pragmatically explore all forms of energy, in particular low carbon generation, from Nuclear, to Wind, Solar and Waste-to-Energy.  Since energy is a scarce commodity, it has become necessary to be innovative and seek ways of efficiently and effectively using or consuming energy. To this light, Mzesi Energy is also focusing on energy-use audits and energy management. Where opportunities exist in the efficient use and management of energy, such solutions are available for implementation.

In seeking energy solutions to address the needs of our country and indeed the world, it is imperative to consider the impact to our environment and align with government policies in reducing greenhouse gases. Therefore Mzesi Energy will continue to pursue the concept of green and renewable energy.