Energy solutions that Mzesi Energy offers include inter alia:

  • Nuclear Energy Consulting

Mzesi Energy has an extensive wealth of experience of its team in the nuclear industry, from nuclear operations, regulatory and policy making, radiation protection, nuclear compliance assurance, to nuclear mega projects and executive management.  Mzesi Energy is therefore well positioned to provide consultancy services in the nuclear energy sector. 

  •  Waste-to-Energy

Mzesi Energy offers solutions in waste-to-energy sector through its partnerships with research and development organisations as well as with technology providers. In this regarding Mzesi Energy does not only provide innovative solutions but also provide solutions which are within the security of energy supply framework of South Africa. In the partnership especially with research and development organisations, Mzesi provide commercialisation of distributed energy systems based on waste-to-energy technology.

  •  Wind Energy

Amongst the range of low carbon energy sources, Mzesi through its partners provide wind energy solutions through the innovative vertical turbines of its partners. The challenges of horizontal wind turbines are well known and span from the large turbine blades that are a challenge to transport, to the elimination of bird life in the areas where horizontal wind turbines are installed. The innovative alternative wind turbine technology is compact in size and does not have the environmental challenges associated with the horizontal wind turbines. 

  • Electricity Infrastructure and Power Engineering

Proper electricity infrastructure is key to providing electricity to communities. Mzesi Energy has the right skills set, with our strategic partners, to design new substations, expand existing substations, and providing maintenance-related solutions to existing infrastructure using design standards in accordance with Eskom’s standards. The added advantage is that Mzesi Energy possesses a very good understanding of Eskom’s requirements and standards.

  • Household Electrification

Mzesi Energy has capabilities in providing electrification solutions to both new and established communities. Highly skilled electronics and power engineering professionals with combined several years of experience of working at power utilities such as Eskom, are able to deliver a complete electrification solution to meet the requirements of a client. These include upgrading existing infrastructure to, for example installing electricity meters and electrifying houses and business centers. 

  • Energy Audits and Management

Since energy and electricity in particular has become a scarce commodity, there have been various innovations in the recent past aimed at efficient use of electricity, thereby decreasing the demand. Mzesi Energy’s team provides a complete energy audits and management solution, from performing the energy-use audits, to providing solutions for reducing consumption. The energy management solutions that Mzesi Energy is able to offer have yielded significant reduction in electricity consumption, where some operations have seen a reduction in electricity consumption of up to 50%. This is an example of a positive contribution to saving electricity; a matter that utilities such as Eskom welcome with open hands.

Benefits to performing energy audits include the following:

- Identify types and cost of energy use
- Understand how energy is being used & wasted
- Identify cost effective ways of using energy
- Improve operational techniques
- Possibility of new, more efficient equipment
- Economic analysis to determine which solutions are cost effective for specific business & industry.

  • Project Management

Mzesi Energy employs internationally accepted project management standards in line with the industry norms, where important aspects of project management are key to the effective delivery of our projects. This becomes extremely important in executing big energy projects where delays and substandard safety and quality deliverables are not an option. The following is a non-exhaustive list of important aspects covered in implementing energy-related projects.

                  1. Safety management
                  2. Quality management
                  3. Time and schedule management
                  4. Risk management
                  5. Cost management
                  6. Configuration management
                  7. Project scope management
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